Base Statistics
These are the primary statistics that define your character. As you level up, you will determine which of these statistics you wish you fortify.
Strength: Determines your character’s proficiency with Strength-based weapons, how much your character can carry, which items your character can lift, how far your character can throw items, and improves Man-at-Arms skills. Better gear often requires higher Strength.
Dexterity: Determines your character’s proficiency with Dexterity-based weapons, influences your character’s Defence Rating, and improves Expert Marksman and Scoundrel skills. Better gear often requires higher Dexterity.
Intelligence: Improves magical Elemental and Witchcraft skills. Better gear often requires higher Intelligence.
Constitution: Determines how much Vitality your character has and the maximum number of Action Points you can save up during combat.
Speed: Affects how fast your character can move, their Initiative in combat, and how many new Action Points your character gets every turn.
Perception: Affects your character’s Critical Chance, Initiative, the amount of Action Points you start combat with (starting Action Points), ability to detect traps and other hidden items, and accuracy when shooting over a long distance.
Extended statistics
These statistics are determined by your character’s Base Statistics. They can be affected by Skills, Abilities, and Talents, as well as stances, statuses, and gear.
Sight: Influences weapon range, which mostly affects archers. Higher Sight extends attack range and boosts accuracy at the same range.
Hearing: Determines at what distance your character can spot enemies on the minimap
Movement: Determines the distance your character can move with each action point
Initiative: Determines how soon your turn comes during each round of combat
Experience Points

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Experience: This represents the total number of Experience Points (XP) your character has accumulated.
Next level: This determines how many experience points your character needs to earn before reaching the next level.
Ratings determine how your character fares in battle and character interaction. They can be affected by Skills, Abilities, and Talents, as well as stances, statuses, and gear.
Damage: How much damage your character does when attacking an enemy.
Armour Rating: How much damage is absorbed when your character is attacked. Armour cannot absorb magical damage.
Blocking: A percentage representing how likely your character is to block a melee or ranged attack. Blocks can only occur if a shield is equipped. Magical attacks cannot be blocked.
Critical Chance: A percentage representing how much of a chance your character has to strike a critical hit.
Offence Rating: Determines your character’s chance of hitting an enemy.
Defence Rating: Determines how hard it is for others to successfully hit your character with a melee or ranged attack.
Vitality: Determines how much damage your character can take. If this reaches 0, your character will die and must be resurrected in order to continue.
Action Points: Determines how much you can do in one combat turn. When combat starts, your character has a number of starting Action Points (AP). When it’s your character’s turn, you have a set amount of Turn AP that can be used towards various actions, such as movement or attack. When you end your character's turn with leftover AP, it gets added to the next round, but your total amount of AP can never exceed your maximum AP score.
Reputation: Determines people's initial reaction to your party. The higher the number, the more beloved you party is. The lower the number, the more infamous you have become. Reputation is a party-wide stat. Your reputation changes as you make decisions which may positively or negatively affect the NPCs around you.
Elemental Statistics and resistances
There are six magical damage types in D:OS: fire, water (ice), earth, air (electricity), Tenebrium, and poison. Every character has six corresponding resistances which show damage reduction in percentages. Having 0% fire resistance means that any fire damage will be taken in full amount, while 100% means that the character will take no damage when attacked with fire. Resistance cannot be negative, but it can go over 100%. In that case, the character with 150% fire resistance will not be damaged by fire magic, but instead will be healed by 50% of the amount of damage. The player starts out with resistances equal to 0%, and can raise it by casting buffs with positive statuses, equipping magical gear, and drinking potions.
Keep in mind that passive resistance from magic items and talents will be capped at 100%. You'll need to stock up potions and learn elemental skills if you want to temporarily go over 100% and heal from incoming elemental damage.