Throughout the game, you will have to make many decisions, but the first is the most complex: Which role will you play? Before starting a new game, you will need to create your two main characters. These are your story’s protagonists, and you have the power to determine their backgrounds, talents, preferences, and skills.
During character creation, you can select a preset character build from the list. The name of the preset describes the role of the character.
If this is your first playthrough and you are not yet familiar with the game's rules, one of these presets will help you build a well-balanced character. You can see what is included with your chosen preset by opening the Preset screen. In the Appearance menu, you can change your character's appearance.
If this is not your first playthrough, or if you have played many RPGs before, go ahead and customise your characters to your heart's content by tweaking their stats, skills, abilities, and talents.
Divinity: Original Sin- Enhanced Edition is a classless game, which means that a hero can use any type of weapon or armour, and he or she can learn any type of skill or ability available in-game. However, the game is also party-based, featuring turn-based combat, so it is a good idea to build a team that covers many talents. A party with only fighter-type characters or a party with only wizards may be possible, but is not recommended for first-time players.